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$accordion$ What is special about V.SUN products? What distinguishes them from regular sun care products?
V.SUN products are unique in terms of their formulation, which is based on the latest scientific findings. They do not contain controversial UV filters that negatively impact coral growth. No substances such as octocrylene, nanoparticles or synthetic polymers are used. Due to balanced UVA and UVB protection, the skin is protected against both sunburn and aging.
Our products leave your skin feeling especially pleasant. Many people don't like the feeling when applying a sunscreen lotion, which leaves a white and/or sticky film. We hope to change this with our V.SUN products, which feel particularly smooth on the skin thanks to nourishing oils and shea butter. The beautiful design is also truly eye-catching. This is how sun care becomes fun.
Protect, care & enjoy!


$accordion$ Where are V.SUN products manufactured?
All products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. We focus on the shortest possible transport routes in order not to pollute our environment unnecessarily. All product packaging is also manufactured in Germany. Made in Germany!
$accordion$ Are V.SUN products harmless for coral reefs?
Yes. V.SUN products have been developed according to the latest scientific findings. We have nothing to do with microplastics, nanoparticles, octocrylene and other ingredients that are criticized for being harmful to our oceans. We also continuously track scientific developments regarding non-controversial substances in order to ensure our products are always state-of-the-art.
$accordion$ What conservation projects does V.SUN support?
Through a common desire to preserve coral reefs, we came across the environmental organization The team at works around the globe for the protection and reconstruction of coastal ecosystems. By purchasing V.SUN products, you are supporting the conservation projects of You can find more information about this at:
$accordion$ How do I know the right sun protection factor (SPF) for my skin type?
The sun protection factor always depends on the skin type, the place and time of exposure to the sun. We have established the following recommendations for the different skin types:
o Skin type 1 - “very light skin”: we recommend a very high sun protection factor (SPF 50).
o Skin type 2 - “light to medium skin”: we recommend a medium sun protection factor (SPF 30).
o Skin type 3 - “dark to very dark skin”: we recommend low sun protection factor (SPF 15), because sun protection is important even for very dark skin. In this case, it is especially the less darkly pigmented skin areas that must be protected.
$accordion$ Do V.SUN products also protect me from infrared radiation?
Yes, they do. Infrared rays can penetrate very deeply into the skin layers, generating free radicals. Free radicals contribute to the skin's ageing process. V.SUN products contain the natural substance ectoin, which is an innovative cell protection substance and can therefore provide effective protection against the free radicals generated by infrared radiation.
$accordion$ What is balanced UVA-UVB protection?

UVA and UVB are two different types of radiation. UVB rays can cause sunburn when they penetrate the upper layers of the skin. Although UVA rays very rarely cause sunburn, they are responsible, for example, for accelerated skin ageing. Balanced UVA and UVB protection therefore means that both types of radiation are covered and the skin is protected against both sunburn and accelerated skin ageing.

The body and face creams with sun protection factor 50 have a UVA protection value of 27.
The face cream with sun protection factor 50 perfume-free has a UVA protection value of 23.
The body and face creams with sun protection factor 30 have a UVA protection value of 14. The body creams with sun protection factor 15 have a UVA protection value of 8.

$accordion$ What is the difference between the face and body creams?
The difference can be found in the formula of both products. The V.SUN face cream contains additional ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which provides the skin with moisture and strengthens the collagen and skin structure.
$accordion$ Does daily use of V.SUN products affect vitamin D uptake?
Vitamin D absorption is reduced but not prevented. V.SUN products have been designed to provide balanced protection, where the composite filter system allows vitamin D absorption that is as high as if we were sitting in the shade.
$accordion$ How much sunscreen should I apply?
We recommend applying the products generously. The rule is: the more, the better. Of course, everyone should feel comfortable with the amount they are wearing. For this reason, it was very important to us to develop a special texture that promotes a pleasant feeling on the skin. This makes applying sunscreen fun.
$accordion$ How often should I apply the sunscreen?
To maintain the protective effect, you should apply a sunscreen regularly and repeatedly. Especially after sports activities, bathing and drying, as well as after increased perspiration, the sunscreen should be applied again. Also note: avoid intense midday sun!
$accordion$ Do you have certifications for the V.SUN products?
V.SUN is part of PETA's "Beauty Without Bunnies Program" and therefore also mentioned on the positive list at Our V.SUN products are on PETA's animal-friendly list.
$accordion$ Do V.SUN products contain octocrylene?
No, octocrylene is not used in any V.SUN product.
$accordion$ Why did we deliberately avoid octocrylene in the V.SUN products?
According to the latest scientific research, octocrylene has been criticised as harmful to the environment and especially in water. Why is that? Octocrylene is contained in many sunscreen products and therefore inevitably gets into water when people apply sunscreen and then go swimming. It is assumed that octocrylene in particular harms corals, as it cannot be broken down biologically or photolytically. In addition, it sticks and prevents the skin from "breathing", which is why many people now have a sensitivity reaction to octocrylene. For these reasons, we wanted to do without such ingredients in our V.SUN products.
$accordion$ Do V.SUN products contain parabens or other similar additives?
No, V.SUN products contain neither parabens nor other similar additives.
$accordion$ Do V.SUN products contain microplastics?
No, V.SUN products contain neither microplastics nor any other synthetic polymers (plastics).
$accordion$ Why was titanium dioxide used? Isn't that harmful?
This does not refer to titanium dioxide that is used in high doses as a mineral filter in natural cosmetic sun protection products. Nor does this refer to nanoparticles. We refrain from the use of nanoparticles in all our formulas.
$accordion$ Are V.SUN products also suitable for sensitive skin and children?

Yes, V.SUN products are also suitable for sensitive skin, because a low-allergen formulation has been used and modern light protection filters have been used, which cause minimal skin penetration. The skin can still breathe. The products also contain no silicones, mineral oils or synthetic polymers. However, people with allergies or asthma should always consult an expert before use.

V.SUN products are also suitable for children, but not specifically for babies. Since babies and toddlers should generally not be exposed to direct sunlight, we do not recommend using V.SUN products for them; instead, use special baby and toddler products.

$accordion$ Are V.SUN products also suitable for people with sun allergies?
When developing V.SUN, we made sure that the products are also suitable for sensitive skin wherever possible. During corresponding skin tests, the potential for the occurrence of skin allergies when using V.SUN was assessed as low. However, a sun allergy is a skin condition that ideally requires the use of products selected in consultation with a dermatologist.
$accordion$ Are V.SUN face products suitable for people with oily and sebum-rich skin?
In general, the UV filter in sunscreen is always incorporated into the “oily” part of the cream or lotion. With V.SUN, we have therefore paid special attention to selecting a particularly light oil component.
As a result, V.SUN is better suited to oily and sebum-rich skin than most other sun creams. This also makes the products less sticky and more pleasant to use.
$accordion$ Are V.SUN products vegan?
Yes, all products are vegan and of course animal-free. For this reason, V.SUN is also mentioned on PETA's animal-friendly list.
$accordion$ Are V.SUN sun protection products waterproof?
Yes, all sun protection products for face and body with sun protection factors 30 and 50 are waterproof.
$accordion$ Can V.SUN products be safely applied near the eyes?
Yes, they can. There is no danger in applying the products near the eyes and lips. Nevertheless, avoid getting the product directly in the eyes.
$accordion$ Are V.SUN Face products comedogenic?
No, V.SUN Face products are not comedogenic. That means they do not cause impurities.
$accordion$ Can V.SUN products also be used as a primer/make-up base under daily skin care?
Yes, V.SUN products can be used as a primer/make-up base. It is always important to note the instructions for use, since they are primarily cosmetic products that protect against sunburn and skin damage caused by the sun.
$accordion$ How should I store V.SUN products?
V.SUN products should be stored at 20 to 30 degrees. Care should also be taken not to leave the products in direct sunlight.
$accordion$ How long can I keep V.SUN products?
We guarantee the product quality for 12 months after the first opening.
$accordion$ Is there a danger that V.SUN products can discolour my clothing?
In general, V.SUN products should not cause any discolouration - however, it cannot be completely ruled out, so it is best not to let them come into contact with clothing. If discoloration does occur, we recommend washing the clothing at 60 degrees to remove the product.
$accordion$ Why should I use an after-sun lotion? Isn't a normal body lotion enough?
What makes an after-sun lotion special is that its focus is on skin moisture and, above all, soothing the skin. Sun-stressed skin needs cooling and special care, which the active ingredients in a normal body lotion are not able to provide.
$accordion$ How long before the V.SUN products start working?
V.SUN products are effective as soon as they are applied.
$accordion$ Where can I buy V.SUN products?
The V.SUN products are available in our online shop and at Müller drugstore in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, and Croatia.