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V.SUN combines reliable sun protection with perfectly balanced skin care, a summery light fragrance and responsible ingredients. Our coral-friendly premium sunscreen protects your skin from sunburn and UV-A, UV-B and infrared rays. Vitamin E and ectoin help defend against free radicals and thus protect against premature skin ageing. Quality shea butter and aloe vera (from controlled organic cultivation) intensively pamper your sun-stressed skin with moisture. The creams leave skin feeling velvety, absorb quickly and completely and are waterproof.


V.SUN protects your skin from the sun without harming coral reefs.

We do not use any nanoparticles, microplastics, octocrylene or other ingredients that impair the growth of corals for our products. In addition, we support charitable organizations in their work for our oceans, such as the initiative, which is dedicated to the restoration of coral reefs and coastal ecosystems in affected areas.


V.SUN is manufactured 100% in Germany (including our packaging). We strive for the shortest possible transport routes in order not to pollute our environment unnecessarily.


We are not only aware of our responsibility towards our skin and the environment, but also want you to enjoy our products. So, we have designed V.SUN with a lot of love for detail and our feminine aesthetics.

We look forward to enjoying the summer with you.

V.SUN with Love.